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Make Money Writing Lagos Nigeria - HomeOwner Writing Tips. Make Extra Cash.

Make money writing Lagos Nigeria - Some decades ago, family members and friends made it their business to discourage potential writers from taking a career in HomeOwner writing or even paid writing because they felt writers were poorly paid.

But now, technology has changed all that.

Today, you can make money writing . . . either as a paid writer in a publishing firm, a media house, a company, or even as a HomeOwner writing expert doing it solo.

In fact, that is what I do for a living. I am a writer who writes for the web . . . for the internet.

I make money writing out my heart. I make money as a HomeOwner writing expert who writes about my knowledge and personal experience.

Everything I write I put on the internet and in books. And these two sources pay me pretty well . . . more than enough to do it full time.

It simply means I am my own boss. I do what I like when I like to do it.

  • I set my targets myself
  • I start work when I feel like it
  • I close from work when I feel like it
  • I go on vacation when I feel like it and
  • I don't work when I don't feel like working

    That is a life of total freedom!

    What enables me to have such freedom?

    HomeOwner writing, of course!


    What do I write about?

    Simple. I write about the stuff I know and that I am passionate about.

  • I write about true love relationship
  • I write about business management
  • I write about career success
  • I write about Lagos Nigeria real estate (this site)
  • I write about portable cabins and prefab homes and
  • I write about web hosting and web site design

    Bottom line.

    I make money writing because I write about stuff that I know. And since this is stuff I know, some people buy my books while others come to me seeking more information.

    So, I make money selling my digital and physical products and services (e.g. books, web hosting plans, web site design, portacabins, containers etc).

    Cool, right?

    Are You A writer? Are You Passionate About Writing?

    If you're a writer or you're passionate about HomeOwner writing or paid writing, then You should be Writing.

    Sure, people are still skeptical about your ability to provide for your family even in this age and time when you tell them you want to take a career in writing.

    Your parents would rather want you to be a medical doctor, a pharmacist, an engineer, a lawyer, or any of those high sounding professions.

    Guess what.

    You don't have to become any of those if you don't want to be any of those.

    Want to be a writer?

    Then become a writer.

    I remember when I first announced my desire to quit the corporate world and become a full-time writer.

    My aunt was shocked. She looked sadly at me and was almost on the verge of tears.

    I knew what she was thinking. She was likely worried that I had lost my head.

    But today, she thinks differently.



  • I look smarter
  • I dress better
  • I laugh more
  • I have less stress
  • My wife look prettier
  • My kids are more excited as they get to spend more time with their dad

    Yes, I chose the path I love . . . writing. And God blessed my faith. He made my dreams come true.

    So, if you really really want to be a HomeOwner writing expert or a paid writer, don't let shallow minded people stop you from achieving your dream.

    In fact, if you pursue this dream, you will not only become a writer, you will become a celebrated writer and you will make money writing.

    What Will You Write About?

    People often ask me, "If I become a writer, what will I write about to make money?"

    Well, that is simple. Just write about stuff that you know.

    For example, if you are versed in football, write about football. If you're good at bead making, write about bead making. If you're good at teaching kids, write about that.

    Here's a fundamental reality of today's world.

    You can make money writing about anything if you know how to reach people searching for that information.

    Where do people search for information the most?

    On the internet, of course.

    Since this is the case, here's the fundamental reality of how to make money writing as a HomeOwner writing expert.

    You can make money writing about any subject if you can find the keywords surfers use to search for that body of knowledge on the internet and then build a theme-based website about that body of knowledge.

    Put differently . . .

    All you need to do to make money from HomeOwner writing is to . . .

  • Find that body of knowledge you know and love
  • Research keywords surfers use to search for that body of knowledge on the internet
  • Build a theme-based content website using those keywords
  • Promote your website professionally
  • Cash the money

    It's really that simple. And it's what I do to make money from my writing business right here in Lagos Nigeria.

    Want to make money writing and become a celebrated writer? Want to be financially independent even as a writer?

    Do exactly what I do.

    Let Me Teach You How To Write Your Way To Wealth

    The procedure I described above sounds simple in concept. But how do you execute it in practice?

    I actually use a software called Site Build It (SBI).

    SBI simplifies the internet content creation and marketing process enabling you to focus on your writing business.

    I will really love to explain it all to you right here, right now.

    However, as you can see, this page is already very long. And I find that no matter how many words I write, a lot of people still don't get it.

    The solution?

    Attend the live training session I facilitate . . . a training session where I actually take you by the hand and show you step by step how I make money from writing and how you can do the same.

    In this training I will show you the tools I use, how I use it, and how you can write from the heart, captivate your audience, and fill your bank account with cash in the process.

    Course Title: Web Site Development And Web Site Content Writing

    Date: Pick a date

    Time: 8.00am - 2.00pm daily (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)


    Course Fee: =N=185,000 per participant

    Attend this training and live the life of freedom and self satisfaction you deserve.

    Simply fill the form below to book your seat.

    P.S: Don't want the stress of writing and then waiting to sell your work? No problem. Simply fill the form below to learn more about an international health and wellness business opportunity with the potential to earn as much as $25,000 USD per week.

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