Protea Hotel Benin City Bans Non Guests From its Lounge & Bar !

In A Twist probably related to the Tony Kabaka Taiwo Akerele Chief of Staff to the Edo State Governor Altercation.   At  The Hotel our  reporter was at the premises wednesday night and was told if he was not accompanied by a lodger he would not be served that this is their new policy . This is not Surprising as Protea Has always tried to put their exclusivity and snob value at the highest . Efforts to elucidate an explanation was met with stone cold responses .  

Can My Landlord just Evict Me When He Likes ? OR What Are my Rights - Indepth Analysis

Every day with the increase in population, there is a concurrent need for houses to accommodate this rising population. As a result, there has always been the need for individuals, corporations and governments to build and lease or rent houses to fill this void. These houses could either be for residential or commercial purposes. This has brought the need to regulate the relationship between landlords and tenants so as to avoid arbitrary increments in rents, wrongful eviction and illegal holding over of premises. The procedure for recovery of premises is largely regulated by statutes. Accordingly, a landlord who seeks to recover his premises from a tenant must strictly comply with the provisions of these statutes. In other words, the slightest deviation from the requirements of the law will frustrate an attempt to recover possession of premises no matter how troublesome and terrible such a tenant may be.
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